What is available to you here

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What is available to you here

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This website contains testimonials and discussions of women who underwent or want to undergo an abortion in the Philippines. This website does not promote abortion but only aims to help as a health management those in need of it or did it and have health problems.

To read the posts of the members herein you too have to be a member otherwise you won't see any of their forum topics and posts.

Registration is free and instant. Just click our REGISTER button and follow the prompts.

Request for Trusted Member Level after registration if you want to read and post trusted level information.

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Re: What is available to you here

Post by medrepnurse2023 »

how to request trusted member?
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Re: What is available to you here

Post by Nelia »

REGISTER with your real email address and then LOGIN and make your first post. If your post is approved and a moderator finds you trustworthy to read the public posts of other trusted members then you'll be in the Trusted Member level.

Trusted members are only trusted to allow access to trusted reading material of other trusted members and keep such trusted information safe and confidential. They are not trusted for what they sell or say. For what they sell or say you should be the one to decide if trustworthy as scams and fakes abound even in the Trusted Member level.
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